A Window on the French Language in Quebec

Universit? de Sherbrooke ? Tous droits r?serv?s

It?s the fourth Journ?e qu?b?coise des dictionnaires today. I want to take this opportunity to let you know that you can now have access to the Franqus dictionary (Franqus stands for fran?ais qu?b?cois d?usage standard).

The dictionary is a window on the particularities of the French language in Quebec. Franqus gives you access to over 60?000 words, including 10?000?words that are specific to La belle province or that have a particular meaning in Quebec.

The research team of the D?partement des lettres et des communications de l?Universit? de Sherbrooke led this undertaking. Did you know that it is the first dictionary of every day French that has been developed outside of France?

To register

The electronic version is available for free during a trial period. You can register here: Franqus


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