Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand Out from the Crowd

Have you ever emailed your resume to someone and had the impression that it could easily get lost among all the others? Have you tried to find ways to make it more appealing so it would stand out?

Recently, while exploring the Web, I came across an interesting idea shared by another translator on Facebook, Marta Stelmaszak. She mentioned an online visual bio called Vizify.

I’ve seen other similar applications online, but this one seems to offer the right mix of visual appeal, simplicity and features relevant to language professionals. If you have a few online profiles already, such as Proz, LinkedIn and Twitter, consider giving your professional Web image a visual boost.

To see what a profile looks like, click on the badge to see mine.

Why I find Vizify useful

  • It’s appealing, memorable and it’s also user-friendly. You can build a Vizify profile in just a few minutes and then update it as needed.
  • Gathering all your online profiles in one place makes it easier to present a coherent image of all that you do online. Instead of visiting several disconnected profiles, your clients or potential clients can now visit one site to find all your links.
  • Since I added the link is in my email signature, it can be quickly accessed in one click within an email, rather than having to find the Word resume, sometimes after days or weeks have passed.
  • You can also add other information to your Vizify bio by using their infographics or choosing different pages to add specific information about you.
  • It’s possible to customize your profile by choosing the information you want to include and selecting colors and images. This is a good way to strengthen your professional image.
  • Vizify is well rated by the Google search engine. By including a Vizify link on other profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Proz, etc., you can boost your visibility.

How I Use it

I have been including a link to my visual bio in my email signature and have also linked my Vizify bio to some of my other online profiles. When I send a traditional resume to a client or prospective client, I include a link to it in the body of the email, like this:

You can find out more about my professional experience by accessing my online graphic bio. I am also sending along my traditional resume for
your consideration. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As with other applications and websites, Vizify collects information about you. You should read its Privacy Policy and see if you agree before signing up.

Whether or not there is a lot of data about you online, Vizify is a good way to enhance how you present your experience and expertise online — it’s an opportunity to make a memorable impression.

What do you think? Have you tried it yet?

3 thoughts on “Stand Out from the Crowd”

  1. Looks like Vizify was aquired by Yahoo and does no longer provide its service. Good alternative are in my opinion and especially for writers!

    Greetings from Austria,


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