1. Johanne

    6 productivity tools that make my work more enjoyable (while increasing my productivity)

    If, like many freelancers, you are the CEO, the manager, administrative assistant and creative mind behind your business, you need some support in accomplishing you work.Over the years, I‘ve come to rely on a few key productivity tools for project management, note-taking, invoicing and time tracking. Why am I sharing these...
  2. Johanne

    Stand Out from the Crowd

    Have you ever emailed your resume to someone and had the impression that it could easily get lost among all the others? Have you tried to find ways to make it more appealing so it would stand out? Recently, while exploring the Web, I came across an interesting idea shared...
  3. Johanne

    Crossing the Atlantic

    In a few weeks, I will be crossing the Atlantic and heading to Paris, then to Portugal. The opportunity to travel presented itself when I was asked to act as a language verifier for the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). “PISA is an international study that was launched by...
  4. Johanne


    Language, in my case French, is sometimes insufficient for expressing new realities. Technology and other innovation-rich fields are fertile ground for new words, or neologisms. Looking at the rapidly evolving cultural and technological landscapes, translators can expect to confront language deficiencies more frequently as language tries to keep up with...
  5. Johanne

    How to Localize: Words in Context

    Driving a car when the windows are full of snow is a bit like reading a text written in a language variety that is not your own: things aren’t always clear. As you start driving, you try to look through snow-free spots to see where you’re going and the snow...
  6. Johanne

    About Translation, Learning and Life

    I’m glad you stopped by. This blog is about my love for learning as a translator and business owner. I’ll focus mainly on three areas: translation, learning and life. The Reason Why I’m motivated by a desire to share what I learn with other language professionals and to listen to...